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Facebook’s Alternative Social Jogajog platform

August 5, 2021 6:10 pm
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Facebook is officially creating an alternative social media Jogajog platform in Bangladesh. At an event on the ‘We Forum’ a few days ago, our ICT Tech Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak said that Jogajog is already being developed, a social media platform.

And he revealed, the Jogajog platform will have a marketplace where marketers in our country can do business just like Facebook. Maybe it’s because he went to a limited e-commerce event or highlighted a part of that marketplace. At par will be a social media Jogajog platform, such as Facebook.

Many may question why we are creating another social media platform to have such a popular social platform like Facebook! Although there are many answers, some political issues, some general user issues. For example, the problems of available users – you know that Facebook’s data takes us to us, but they use their business. We know we had some data leagues a few days ago, but that’s a problem. In general, they are moving a lot with the data.

Many people are not happy about this, Facebook, but we watch a concert about our data privacy most of the time. A few days ago, WhatsApp gave an update of a privacy policy and said that you would not use WhatsApp unless you accept it. Facebook does this type of compulsory policy. The general users who are there understand these things, and they dislike them at all.

This is one of the reasons why every country has started boycotting Facebook, and Bangladesh is probably launching a Jogajog platform for that purpose. There is a political problem here that if the Bangladesh government wants any information from Facebook, Facebook does not want to give that information, or they refuse to share it. Of course, Facebook also has different logics, such as when a user registers on Facebook. Still, Facebook shows users their privacy policy, and the privacy policy states that they will not disclose any information about their users to third parties.

Why government Jogajog platforms?

They do not share their data or information with anyone based on their privacy policies. But there is some legal process on the part of the government to set some guidelines. When a person commits a crime, the government often needs the data to catch him or to study the matter, which Facebook refuses to give him a lot of time if he wants. For this reason, many politicians in our country say that Facebook is a costly company. They don’t like to share data.

This is why another new social platform, “Jogajog Platform,” will be created in Bangladesh. Of course, this is not new. If we give the example of China, then China is not self-sufficient. They use every service, every product. They do not use anything from abroad. They have their own Facebook alternatives. They have usable products for everything in their country. So their data is not being shared outside, but outside data, but they are often stealing it for their use.

We may not be as self-sufficient as China initially with our Jogajog platform, but we also want to develop a good Jogajog platform in the country. However, there is some confusion. The more options Facebook can give people, the more user-friendly, the more people are accepted, just starting a new platform is not so much accepted but not at all. But it will take time. Another thing is that where there are more users of such media, but more users come. Where the user is less but the user does not go.

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The rules given on WhatsApp a few days ago about privacy, we have seen there, people have posted different things, shared different opinions that we will not use WhatsApp anymore, various alternatives of WhatsApp have already come out, people are being transferred to all apps. But a few days later, everyone moved to WhatsApp again. Because there are more users in WhatsApp, so WhatsApp has chosen to use it again.

In this way, after the arrival of our Jogajog platform, I am assuming that everyone will suddenly jump on the Jogajog platform, sign up here, log in, use it for a while, and then when they see that their known friends are not here or as good as Facebook on this platform. There are no feature users. If you upload a picture, there are no likes, no comments, no shares, then those users will back up on Facebook. Now, this is possible only if the government wants it alone but not at all. It is only possible if we all want to boycott Facebook and use our Jogajog platform.

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Again, many people say that if they give data to Facebook, they use it for business purposes, but if they transfer it to the government, the government will use it to catch us again or for any other purpose! But this is not the case at all. Remember, the government does not spy on everyone. Only the person who has committed the crime will be spied on; it is customary to catch the person who has committed it.