DhakaFriday , 19 November 2021
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Saiful Islam Rishat has entered the world of music artist

November 19, 2021 12:40 pm
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Md. Saiful Islam Rishat has gained a reputation as a musician. He has already presented his own written music on several stages. Saiful Islam Rishat graduated from Barisal BM College. The only hope of his life is to be a musician. He is working hard to fulfill it.

He grew up in Barisal. In the village, his talent always seemed to give people some wonderful gifts. People saw this talent of his and helped him to move towards music. At one stage, he became known to many people as a musician. Several of his songs have already been published on various platforms, including Google. In addition to writing, he also performs music himself.

He says that writing is related to his blood. He finds eternal happiness in writing. He writes his songs and presents them himself! That’s how it started. However, his start was not so easy. The time to enter his music world was 2017.

As a musician, he prays for everyone and hopes to move forward, saying that he should be allowed to enter the world of music if anyone wants to enter the world of music. He should cooperate so that our society can get some good gifts through it. Saiful Islam Rishat said that being a young musician means waiting for something new for the country and presenting something good.

Finally, he said, “My music world seemed like a dream world. I loved listening to my songs. People were fascinated by my music and helped me to get inspiration.” For which I have reached a better stage today. Everyone will pray for me to do something good for the country and the people of the country in the future.