DhakaFriday , 17 September 2021
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Farewell 25 Big Alone at the End

September 17, 2021 4:39 pm
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I am 25 years old, my university life is over after only 2 months. There are special people, respected teachers, many friends; Many times from morning to evening, it is nighttime. Big alone today. But at that time we were connected with hundreds of people. How many people do we talk to?

Sometimes our survival is difficult. Then I want someone to talk a little contentedly. But no one is by our side at that time. Absolutely all alone! We still want to talk to someone. A little talk. Thinking. So that the man speaks like love in any way. But the man shows differentness and chases us away.

According to what I said, the current people survive. No one can keep someone well by cooperating. As a result, people are in a long time with pain. But when all these people give me a message, they are not very close to me! Because I have an idea. Where is their happiness, where is their well-being? So I give them hours after hours! So that they can be good to me these few hours anyway.

In conclusion, you are enough to keep a person good. You can keep him good. If you can’t keep him good, then tell yourself, “If I ever fall into such a situation? Will someone show me a good way to stay good?” Then you will see that you are becoming the discoverer of someone else’s goodness. Very close discoverer. Therefore, always be good to yourself. Keep everyone else good together.

Md. Mosarraf Hossain
Nagar Konda – 1218, Savar, Dhaka