DhakaFriday , 17 September 2021
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Not a Sense of Responsibility but a Force

September 17, 2021 2:47 pm
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Sometimes the flowers bloom, sometimes the flowers are cut, the beginning of time is honey, then the neem leaves and…

Age will come when you will become a burden to the family from the eyes of a loved one. Because then the responsibility will fall on your shoulders. And if you can’t fulfill that responsibility properly, it will feel more burdensome to you than your family.

No one in the family will tell you this out loud. But different gestures will tell you how much more to live like this..? Even though you are trying your best for a small job. So you can say you are not unemployed, you are a self-reliant person. Although no one in the family expects your money. But it also doesn’t expect you to sit idle and sleep at home all day.

No one in the family will touch your money as long as you give it to them. Isn’t that a strange equation ..? They don’t want you to be unemployed in the family and they don’t expect any money from you…

Now you may say that my family is not like this at all. Then you are thinking wrong. Because the child of a millionaire family is also ready to pay millions of rupees for his job. Everyone wants to be established in society and live well …..

And only a man can understand the cry of a man’s mind. Because most of the men’s minds remain in the burden of family responsibilities. Now many may say that it is more in the case of women… !! Yes Mangalam is more but a woman can lighten her cost by crying. But a man…?? Can she lighten her mind by crying like a woman…?

We men want to use our sense of responsibility not as a burden but as our own strength. But in the opposite direction of time, we are often forced to accept the rate…

A man never has to teach his sense of responsibility. If he had to teach a sense of responsibility, he would never have survived as a superhero to his daughter. He would never have survived as a savior to his family. The person who is addicted to drugs is also forced to think about his family when he is addicted…

Md. Mosarraf Hossain.
Dhaka, Bangladesh.