DhakaWednesday , 11 August 2021
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A S M Anas Ferdous Bangladeshi Author

August 11, 2021 6:51 pm
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A S M Anas Ferdous Bangladeshi Author, Entrepreneur, YouTube content creator. He was born on 17 August 2001 in Dinajpur city. He is studying Biomedical Engineering at the Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology. From childhood, he was intelligent.

He has been working out since he was only 16 years old. He has an excellent attraction to writing books. Currently, A S M Anas Ferdous is working on SSC & HSC level online Education. He has two YouTube channels name ” HulekStein” & HulekStein HSC”.

A S M Anas Ferdous Bangladeshi Author!

Through them, he is Teaching more the 150 thousand students all over Bangladesh. He uses these channels to teach the students of school and college. He has written a total of 50 books on Academy & admission. He also wrote books for the admission exam. He realized his books on Amazon, rokomari, and so many platforms. Students can easily purchase their books from there. Many students are benefited from reading his books. He is also trying to write so many books to acquire basic knowledge of fundamental education.

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He teaches students at so many famous coaching centers. Students can easily understand when he tries to teach something. So all the students of the renowned coaching center love him very much. A S M Anas Ferdous always works hard so that he can easily reach his goal. He will realize a new book of himself very soon.

He doesn’t reveal anything about this book. After learning his books, all the students can know the theme of the books.