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Md Sayful Islam Professional journalist

August 1, 2021 5:35 pm
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Md Sayful Islam is a district representative. The news he writes is very professional and full of quality. His every information is accurate and proven. His report is more viral. In a word, he is a professional journalist. As a journalist, he should be rated “5 Star”.

A lot of his news is on Google. He has worked in various national newspapers, including Jugantor, Kalerkantho, Dhakapost, Jagonews24, banglatribune. He is an editor himself. He has his online portal, “,” he manages it himself.

Md Sayful Islam has been working as a journalist since 2016, and he has received gifts from the government several times to give good news. He collects district-based information. Moreover, he works as a staff reporter in some portals. His work must be praised.

Md Sayful Islam Professional journalist!

Md Sayful Islam

As a journalist, he is an honest and devoted person who combines his ethics and manners. He has been a staff reporter for several national newspapers. He went to the spot and wrote the report. Moreover, all the issues raised in his writing were proved to be true. People love to read his writings.

In particular, the news of his writing is more and more shared on various social platforms. Saiful Islam lived from a young age. Place of birth: Barisal. He was born on 18-January-2002. He has been accustomed to writing since childhood. Many of his poems have already been published.

His purpose behind being a journalist is to convey something good to the people. If a person is in need, he should be presented in front of the people to be a partner through the people. His only purpose is to love people. If a person does not eat, he reveals it to the people to not have to go without food the next day.