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An effective way to earn money online on mobile । Part-2

April 9, 2021 2:02 pm
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Take photos and earn money on mobile.

Making money by selling pictures taken on mobile phones is becoming popular day by day. People who are independent and like to travel are making photography a profession nowadays. If the photography sense is good, a good amount of income is earned from here.

Why would your picture be sold?

In the above discussion, we have learned that the number of websites and blogs increases daily, and the industry is growing. There are already many organizations and thousands of websites in the internet world. Each of them requires a copyright-free image for various purposes.

Regular stock photos of an organization are required for product packaging, advertising work. You can also see some pictures in the article you are reading here, entirely copyright-free stock photos. Google does not allow online sites to rank copyrighted images.

Although we do not attach much importance to copyright, Copyright Rules Worldwide are strictly adhered to. That’s why we all need copyright-free images. So there is a lot of demand for stock photos.

Where will you earn income by selling pictures taken on mobile?

If you go to Google and search for sites that sell pictures, you will find many places. Speaking of my favourites, I’ll talk about Shutterstock first. Also, FOAP, istockphoto, gettyimages are all excellent sites.

Will the pictures were taken on mobile be sold?

We need stock photos; what did I say? It would take 10 megabytes of camera photos! See the average size of the images used in this article is 50 KB, and it is also compressed and uploaded.

Moreover, now the camera quality of the mobile is good enough for photography. So the idea that pictures taken on mobile phones will not be sold is entirely wrong.

The easiest way to earn money on mobile – blogging

In all of the above three ways, you have to work as an employee in another company. But this blogging thing can give you a taste of 100% independent freelance.

What are blogs and blogging?

Simply put, a blog is a page or site where articles on a specific topic are constantly published online. And this process of posting content through any site online is called blogging.

A blogger can earn a few thousand dollars a month if he wants. But for this, you need to have a good quality blog site. If you’re going to make your independence, then blogging is the best way.

With mobile apps, you don’t have to get too fast to blog. It is possible to generate income from a blog site in various ways, such as.

You can make money by showing ads.

  • Earnings can be made through affiliate marketing.
  • With online service
  • Sells the product
  • Online course sales etc.
  • However, this method is for those who can write good articles. Even if you can only write essays, it is essential to have some critical things to be a successful blogger. Otherwise, it is less likely that you will not give up in the middle. So know what you need to know before starting a blog and then make a decision.

Podcasting – The Way To Make Money Online

In this age of technology, we are all busy. We all want to be multitasking. Is it possible to type on the computer while watching TV? Certainly not, but listening to music is undoubtedly attainable. It is for this reason that the popularity of podcasts and podcasting is growing.

What is podcasting? How to make money by making podcasts

A podcast is a simple audio file. Creating audio files on different topics and placing them on any platform is called podcasting, and the audio file is called a podcast.

There are various ways to earn money by podcasting, such as –

  • Payment on download/opening
  • Paid subscription
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship etc.
  • Podcasts can be created via mobile, and you can do the necessary editing with mobile software. Podcasting is an entirely new subject for many of us. So it won’t be easy to understand clearly even if we say it briefly here. There is a detailed article about podcasting; you can understand it better if you read it.

Earn money from YouTube with mobile

You may be insulting me this time, brother; how can I do it! Is it possible to do YouTube with mobile? Which I didn’t tell you to shoot. Now many people are making money by publishing various audiobooks on YouTube. Why can’t you!

You don’t have to hold a video to make an audiobook; you can make a good video by adding some pictures to the audio file. If you have a strong voice, your subscribers will grow faster. Just an audiobook, now you can make various short videos in the middle of the house with your mobile and put them on YouTube.

A YouTube channel but not just advertising revenue. Like blogs, it is possible to earn money in different ways.

Doing all of the things we talked about above and YouTube and blogging can be more rewarding. Because you can use the YouTube blog, you can build yourself as a skilled influencer.

Earn money online with mobile apps

Income opportunities from mobile apps (Apps) are meagre in Bangladesh. However, for those who do not have the confidence to earn from the above jobs, there are various mobile apps.

Our site is never written without verification, so we will tell you about an app when I got the payment myself.

The name of the app is Clip Claps. Here you can earn money by watching or posting various funny videos.

Even if you don’t want to watch videos, there is no problem; you can earn money by playing different games and quizzes. But to make more, you have to watch or invite videos.

You can withdraw money only if you have 10 dollars in your account. However, if you do not have a PayPal account, you need to make a mobile recharge. You will get 630 rupees to recharge on your mobile number for 10 dollars. If you register correctly in Clip Claps, you will get 2 dollar bonus.

You can earn money by doing various surveys and reviews from Google Play Store’s Google Opinion Rewards app.

Some more apps like Bkash (bkash), RingID (RingID), which you can refer to online income with mobile.

Social photo site TSU – Social that pays If you post pictures in this app, money will be deposited in the account. Although the amount is meagre, what is the harm of getting a little something by posting pictures? The site is new to the market, so now that you can create an intense fear of yourself, hopefully, you can use it when it becomes popular.

Last word

Speaking with computers and talking about making money online on mobile, none is difficult. The hard work is to be patient.

If you want to work online, you have to concentrate on your work. Suppose you can focus on the job. Then within a month, you can earn money online with mobile and take cash for development InshaAllah.

So keep focused and work, be successful by earning income online.