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An effective way to earn money online on mobile । Part-1

April 9, 2021 2:03 pm
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Payment for mobile income development and online income development with mobile has been in the top list of Google search results for several years. I used to look for ways to earn money online on mobile. But after writing so many videos on Google “how to earn money online from phone”, I could not find any proper way to earn money with mobile even after reading the article.

Most of the videos show the hope that you can earn thousands of dollars with mobile and take money for development. But, to be honest, most of the online money-making sites or apps are fake. Or say ways that are not possible from Bangladesh. Even if you have made an actual payment, you still have to spend more than 100 rupees on data to earn 100 rupees.

Since I am a victim myself, I sat down to write today about saving experience and earning money on mobile. Now the question may come to your mind, brother, you have not found a way to make money with mobile, but you have given a headline with an effective way to earn money online on mobile, then would you also lie? I can’t make money with my mobile.

Don’t worry, of course; you can take money for development by earning with mobile. But I will not show you any temptation. I will discuss the authentic, accurate and reliable way to make money online.

However, those who want to earn thousands of rupees a day with mobile now can skip the article; I do not know any fast process. Nor will I talk about any earning apps where you can earn while lying down.

Ways to make money online with mobile:

Most people on Google find easy ways to earn money on mobile (easy ways to make by mobile in Bangladesh), but how many people are looking for effective ways to earn money online on mobile? It probably can be counted by hand.

There is no work in the world that you can do without hard work. You have to work hard physically or mentally.

Since you are still reading this article, I think you want to know how to make money with mobile effectively.

How to make money for development with mobile income?

In the above discussion, we have said many complicated things; now, let’s talk about hope. You don’t need any specific skills for the work we will discuss; you must know the work that needs to be done. You can even take these jobs as full-time professional jobs if you want.

Income through mobile through affiliate marketing

The easiest and most profitable way to make money with mobile today is affiliate marketing. Many people are earning millions of dollars in other countries through affiliate marketing.

There are many websites online that survive only for affiliate income. If you want to make money online from affiliate marketing, you need to know about affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Suppose you have a product, on the condition that you pay me a commission, I sold some of your products by advertising or sharing in different places. For me, selling some of your products is affiliate marketing.

That means taking money as a commission to help sell other people’s products. Online work is much easier.

How to do affiliate marketing online?

To do affiliate marketing, first, we have to select a niche or topic. There are a few things to look for when choosing a place: will you sell a product or a service? Domestic market products or multinational!

Affiliate marketing site

Many local and foreign sites are giving you the opportunity of affiliate marketing. The most popular foreign site is Alibaba, Amazon. At present, these sites are also delivered in Bangladesh, so your work will be much easier. If you can leverage these sites’ popularity and brand value, your profits will continue to grow.

You can do this with the products of Evali, Daraj,, Easy and other affiliate sites within the local affiliate program or area. Among them, you can earn more money online from bishop and simple affiliate sites.

On the other hand, you can do affiliate marketing with Dianahost, Hosting Bangladesh, IT Not Hosting site by selling online courses of Bahubrihi or selling domain hosting.

How to get affiliate product link

After deciding what type of product you want to work with, select the product-related sites offering the opportunity to an affiliate.

You need to create an affiliate account by entering the site for which you want to work. Then work from the bottom of the list eliminating issues that aren’t worth the fight.

Now you will generate your independent link by connecting the product link to your affiliate account. Diameter, you’re done.

How to do marketing?

You can do marketing in different ways. The more people the link reaches, the more sales it will have, and the more your revenue will increase. That’s why many people advertise with Google or other ways. Here are some simple ways you can create your ads.

  • There are many buy and sell groups on Facebook. There you will get a good response if you share your link and picture.
  • If you have a YouTube channel, you can create videos and promote them with products or services.
  • Articles can be published by writing on different websites; you can post your product reviews on these sites, and the link must be given.

You can create a Facebook page and sell affiliate products there.

The first three processes above will generate you a lifetime lead and add commissions to each cell in your account.

How Much Money Does Affiliate Marketing Make?

You can get up to 15-40% commission, depending on the product. Bishop and Bahubrihi will get 20-25% commission from local sites.

Even if you can sell a product for 1000 rupees per day, you can easily earn around 200-300 rupees. The more campaigns you run, the more money you can make.

Take money for development by writing articles and earning money with mobile.

Writing articles is our oldest process. In the past, our elders and famous writers used to earn money by sending reports to newspapers. Over the ages, our news media has changed. Our media is growing every day. News, information or knowledge is no longer limited to newspapers.

There are now millions of websites and blogs online that help us find the information we need. Making money by writing articles is one of the most popular categories in the freelancing market. If you go to freelancing market sites, you will see that thousands of dollars are being transacted every day, centring on content.

We need content everywhere online. The article you are reading now is also content; what would you read without this content! Make a youtube video! Content required. Creating an audio file or podcast is not possible without content.

To keep a blog site updated, you have to publish articles regularly. It is challenging for a person to take time to generate or write article ideas all the time. This is where the demand for writers is created.

Now you tell me, is it not possible to write on mobile? What to do with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Notepad apps? It is not possible to make money online with mobile (mobile income in Bangladesh).

You can earn mobile money by writing articles on those sites

If you have good English skills, then Masha’Allah, you can make thousands of dollars by working as a content writer on various freelancing sites like Freelancer, Fiber, Microworkers, Upwork.

At the same time, the amount of work in Bangladeshi freelancing sites is also increasing. There is also various article writing groups on mixed social media, such as Facebook, where you can earn Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 per thousand words or more with mobile and take money for development.

If you want to write in Bengali, don’t worry, there are many sites in our country where you can earn money on mobile by publishing articles. However, the amount of income is relatively low. Because you do less search in Bengali, the value of Bangla content is very low for advertising agencies.

Some of the famous sites in Bengal for writing articles on blogs and earning money online with mobile include Techtune, Haichai Bangla, Grathore, Bangla Vive, Income Tunes, Ordinary IT etc.

We published an article about trustworthy sites to earn money by writing content in Bengali to find out more details.