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YouTube Income! How to get money in hand

April 9, 2021 4:29 am
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Does YouTube mean money?

YouTube IncomeIf you have noticed, you will see that many people in Bangladesh are watching YouTube lately. This means that the video-sharing platform Youtube shares different types of videos or makes videos. To many, this thing seems like a waste of money and time. But when you know that you can make money from YouTube, everyone will want to come to YouTube.

But later, it was seen that he got frustrated as he had no basic idea about how to make income from YouTube and later left YouTube. In today’s post, I will discuss the basics of how to make money from YouTube and how Bangladeshi YouTubers make money.

Hopefully, after reading today’s post, you will get basic ideas on making income from YouTube and how to earn money on hand. And I will tell those who already know these things to cut the post here because your time will be wasted here.

YouTube’s new rules:

So come from the beginning. When you first create a channel on YouTube and upload videos, you start uploading videos regularly. People started watching your videos, and at the end of 1 year, your channel got 4,000 hours of watch time. Suppose you opened a track in 2014, but there are still 4,000 hours of Watch Time; Then it will not work in this case.

The first thing you need to do to earn money from a YouTube channel is to bring 4,000 hours of watch time to your channel. Many people may give you the misconception that you opened the track in 2012; the channel has thousands of subscribers, and view time has not come, then you can not do anything from this channel. This is not true. First of all, you have to keep in mind that the first condition for applying for monetization on YouTube is that the channel will have more than 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 365 days.

In other words, if you open a channel in 2016 and get more than 4,000 hours of watch time in 6 months, it will be the same again.

This is a matter of watch time. The following condition is that your channel must have more than one thousand subscribers in addition to these four thousand watch times. Once you meet these two conditions, you can apply for YouTube Monetization, and your application will be reviewed.

In simple words, the first two steps to earn income from YouTube is to bring 4,000 hours of view time or watch time to the channel; the second is to get 1000 or more subscribers to the channel. Now for those who do not understand, watch time. WatchTime is a YouTube system that counts viewers’ video views on your channel.

Four thousand hours of watch time does not mean that your channel must have more than 4,000 hours of video. Suppose your channel has 12 videos; each video is 5 minutes long. Now you have more than 4000 views of each of these 12 videos; you are actually 12 x 5 = 60 minutes. Times 4000 equals 4000 view-hours.

There will also be a statistic about watch time in your channel settings from which you can calculate your channel’s watch time. And YouTube has given you one year to achieve these 1000 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hours of view time, which means that these tasks are pretty time-consuming. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


Now it is the turn of monetization. You must have heard about Adsense. Adsense is not limited to blogs or websites; AdSense is also available on YouTube. Because Google Adsense and YouTube but the same company is under Google. In other words, Adsense is a product of Google and YouTube is also a product of Google. Now you have to go to Adsense’s website and apply for monetization of your YouTube channel.

Your application will not be accepted unless you have 4,000 hours of view time and thousands of subscribers. Otherwise, your application will be accepted and reviewed. What is monetization? Monetization is the display of ads. Just as Google AdSense displays a variety of advertisements on its website, you will notice that the videos of various popular YouTubers contain multiple ads in the form of popups. By giving this ad, Google will earn money from your YouTube video, and at the same time, you can also make money from Google.

But you will see in some videos that “video ads” are given, they have sponsored video ads, and their story is different. “Video ads” are not shown on videos from channels other than the most popular ones.

So in simple language, the system of giving advertisements from Google on your YouTube video is called monetization. And if this monetization is approved or turned on in your channel, you will see that the Monetization button has moved to your channel. As soon as you turn on the Monetization button, you will see that your channel videos will display different ads on the side. Each of these ads has a separate rating.

In such an advertisement, the advertiser company paid 60 cents. Now out of these 60 cents, you will get 80%, and the remaining 40% will be left on YouTube. In other words, YouTube will keep 40% (forty) of the advertising revenue, and you will get the remaining 80% through Adsense.

Now, if you think I made a video that cost so much to earn 60 Cents? Then you can naturally feel that you can not earn more money from YouTube. Your idea is wrong. Pewdiepie, the most subscribed channel on YouTube, has made over 1,200 from each of its videos, which have garnered more than 50 million views. That means more than 5 million views on the video = 1200 US dollars, which is more than 1 lakh Bangladeshi rupees. Now look, last month, in November (2017), Pewdiepie’s 16 videos had more than 50 million views. Then last month, he earned 19/20 lakh!

Once monetization is on, you no longer have to worry about view time or watch time. That’s all you need to make quality popular videos. And yes, by reporting against your channel but this monetization system can be blocked. Once Google blocks the monetization, there is a 10% chance of getting it back, so you should also be careful to protect it after monetization. Don’t leave videos of any content. For that reason, Read reports against your channel.

How to get money:

Now we are talking about how to get the money. When you apply for monetization, you have to give your address, and at the same time, you have to give your bank address and information. Money will not come if you do not provide the correct bank address. And the monetization money of YouTube does not come day by day. This means that even if you upload videos every day, money will be credited to your AdSense account every month.

In more detail, the monetization money for the whole month will be credited to your AdSense account on the night of the 11th of the following month on your YouTube channel. YouTube will issue a mail to your address when you first deposit ten into your AdSense account. YouTube will give a mail to the address you provided when you monetized. There will be a secret PIN in that mail, which you have to write in your account on the Adsense website.

In other words, YouTube provides this mail to check whether money can be sent to your address; you can also call it a kind of address verification process. Now that this address has been verified, you need to show which bank you will take the money from.

After placing the secret PIN from this mail (not email) on the website, you will have to wait until the deposit of 100 US dollars. This means that before, it was 10 dollars; now, you have to wait until you deposit another 90 dollars. After 100, you will send the AdSense dollar to the bank address you provided on the 21st of the month.

Now your bank will process this transfer; it will take some time. Usually, on the 27th or 28th, the dollars are deposited in the bank as money. And then you can withdraw money from the bank or the booth.