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100-10,000 monthly income from YouTube shorts videos

August 8, 2021 6:33 am
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You can earn up to-100-10,000 monthly by making YouTube shorts videos on YouTube. Such an announcement has come from YouTube. This is a reward fund from YouTube, the format from which those who make shorts videos will be given such a large amount of money.

After this news came, many people in our country have made many kinds of videos. Many people are very excited, and many kinds of misconceptions are created in many people’s minds.

We will explain the whole thing through today’s article. How to make shorts videos, whether it is possible to make YouTube shorts videos from Bangladesh, and YouTube has announced that they will give 100 million US dollars to the creators as a reward. And everyone can get up to-100-10,000 every month by making shorts videos.

What are YouTube shorts videos?

YouTube shorts videos

If you open the app that has the official YouTube app on your mobile, you will see that some videos in less than a minute are required to watch your account here. It’s like the daily story that used to come on YouTube. These are called YouTube shorts videos. For example, Tic Tac Toe, Like, Snake, if you have so much trouble with this type of app, you can upload the same video style to YouTube, which is called “YouTube Shorts.”

You can also upload YouTube shorts from Bangladesh if you want. For this, your video must be in mobile resolution. That is, it must be in vertical resolution. And the duration of the video! In other words, the video time must be less than 59 seconds! That means less than one minute of video only applies to YouTube shorts.

You can write shorts (#shorts) in the hashtag when you upload YouTube shorts videos to your video description. All you can do is add a heading called shorts to the homepage of your YouTube channel, where we add playlists, such as “Recent Upload,” “Live,” “Single Playlist.” Can. So if you upload YouTube shorts videos to your channel, if you upload videos of less than one minute of the vertical mobile resolution, it will automatically fall undershorts. This is the story of a relatively short video.

Monthly income up to 100-10,000!

YouTube says it will pay up to-100-10,000 a month to those who create YouTube shorts videos on YouTube. But yes, if that channel is not monetized, it is not in YouTube’s partner program, then they will give this reward (income). They have announced a total of 100 million US dollars as the record.

Of course, the key to YouTube’s announcement is to compare it with other companies. For example, they are trying to compare tick, like type apps. Since TickTock and Like apps don’t have that much money, there are relatively few. YouTube wants users or those who make rapist videos in these apps to come to YouTube and create this kind of content from now on.

Requirement of YouTube shorts videos!

YouTube shorts videos

According to the YouTube Short Video Requirement, YouTube says that a short legal video must be uploaded to your YouTube channel in the last 128 days. Legal means that your video must be original, as no one else’s video can be copied. That video doesn’t have to have the logo of any other app. In other words, if you download from such apps as TickTock or Like and upload them on YouTube, these will not count as legal videos. The video must be copyright-free, the community guidelines are free, and you must upload the video under YouTube’s rules and regulations. Of course, it must be within 128 days.

The bad news about this!

YouTube has selected some countries to earn income from YouTube shorts videos, among which we do not have Bangladesh. Only those countries that have made YouTube shorts videos from YouTube have selected will be included in this rear.

Many people were spreading the news that it would be from Bangladesh as well. The central fact is that it is not eligible from Bangladesh. Many people had this misconception spread in different places to make income from Bangladesh by making shorts videos. But no! This is entirely false information.

The countries from which you can make income by makingYouTube shorts videos are the countries that have selected YouTube: Brazil, Japan, Russia, United, India, Mexico, South, Kingdom, Indonesia, Nigeria, Africa & United States.

So far, it is not clear whether Bangladesh will come here at all. But it will be the best good news for content cricketers. Those who are making videos on Like or Tick Talk can also get a good income from here.

Only those countries named above will be able to generate income by making YouTube shorts videos, that is, the countries in which such third-party apps, TikTok, Likey type apps, are most used, are targeted and brought under this shorts rear.

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If you become a Bengali and live in one of the above countries, you also make YouTube shorts videos, and you will get money through the regular Google Adsense, which is Google Adsense. You will upload YouTube shorts videos every month, and at the end of the month, YouTube will send you an email. They will let you know if your channel applies for a T-shorts rear. That is, whether it will be enabled on your channel.

If your channel has enabled T-shirts for rewards, you will get a claim option through that mail. As soon as you claim there, they will transfer money from the channel to Adsense. If you have Adsense added to your YouTube channel, it is good, and if not, you have to add a new AdSense. This is the whole process of YouTube shorts rear.

Many may ask the question “VPN” with VPN if I add IP abroad will be?

Answer: No. I don’t think it will be like that, because the traffic that you have, that is, the visitors that you have depends on them. Because according to the reason, they will give you money. Now, if you have Bangladeshi visitors here, they don’t seem to pay you because it doesn’t apply to Bangladesh yet. And if you want to do something with VPN, especially YouTube, several platforms, including Google, will be able to catch you.

They are much brighter now, so they can still be caught even if you upload videos with a VPN. So you have to refrain from doing these.