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30 Great Ideas To Make Money Online

April 16, 2021 4:45 am
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Working online is increasingly emerging as one of the practical ways to make money online. It is an ideal solution not only for people who want to make ends meet difficult but also and especially for unemployed graduates. But how do you find a job online? The answer is in this article which gives you 30 great internet business ideas.

How to make money online?

You don’t know how to make money on the internet. It’s effortless. But remember that my advice here has nothing to do with these many miracle recipes that try to make you believe that you can make easy money on the internet. I say no and no. If you want to earn income on the internet, you absolutely have to work online. For example, you have the possibility to register on several jobbing platforms and earn money.

Would you like to read paid emails or complete paid surveys, or earn cashback? If so, no problem. There are jobbing platforms like Moolineo, Looney, and Gaudin that will allow you to earn money by completing various and varied missions easily. I generally advise starting an online business with the opportunities offered by these jobbing platforms.

However, if you have a few resources, you may decide to invest in building blogging and niche sites. For the withdrawal of your winnings, you have the choice between several methods: bank transfer, PayPal, etc.

Here are 30 great ideas for working online and making money

Here, the solutions that I propose to you are classified to facilitate your understanding. Some ideas do not require an investment other than your computer with a good internet connection. Others, especially blogging and niche sites, require you to invest more or fewer resources for better returns in the end.

Online work: ideal solutions for beginners

If you are new to the internet, I advise you to start working on the internet to start making money from the first 30 days of your activity. Thus, you will have the cash to finance your other online projects and earn more money on the internet. Here are some great ideas for working from home today:

Online Work # 1: Become a Virtual Assistant

You can land plenty of opportunities in virtual assistance and customer service. For this, I recommend that you register on dedicated platforms including Upwork,, and that I have already experienced personally. As a virtual assistant, you will be required to perform various tasks: entering data, converting files, answering questions asked by customers, and many more.

Online Job # 2: Complete Online Surveys

Several sites specialize in paid surveys and opinions. Do not hesitate to register on these sites which offer you to give your opinion on products or to answer all kinds of opinion polls for remuneration. The platforms My Opinion Compte, My Survey, GreenPanthera, and Your Opinion offer you this kind of job opportunity.

Online Job # 3: Take Beautiful Photos and Sell Them

Photographers also have their cards to play. They can take beautiful photos sold on dedicated platforms, including Fotolia, which allows you to earn exciting copyright.

Online work # 4: do web writing

With a beautiful feather, you will absolutely not be unemployed on the internet. Content writing opportunities are legion and inexhaustible. Register on, Upwork,, and many other platforms to start applying for web copywriting jobs.

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Online work # 5: Become a proofreader

Proofreading is an idea for making money online. Your mission will be to correct texts or content so that they are faultless. To apply for proofreading jobs, you can register on platforms such as and

Online Work # 6: Use Social Media

Facebook is a social network that is not only used to communicate with friends and close Internet users. For your information, it also allows you to make money. It is a great channel to promote your products and services to reach more potential customers.

To do this, you must rely on groups or Facebook fora in which you are authorized to publish your advertising messages. At the same time, feel free to create your own Facebook page, install the conversion pixels and buy the ad on this social network.

Unlike Facebook, which promotes exchanges with friends and relatives, social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter allow you to promote your business online.

Online Job # 7: Write E-Books and Sell Them

Are you an aspiring writer? Or are you just a quill lover, passionate about writing various content? So, think about writing small e-books in PDF versions on topics that interest the greatest number. Selling these e-books will earn you money.

I advise you to bet more on subjects that fall under areas such as health and real estate. These sectors are currently among the most salable. You have the possibility to position your e-book on the Amazon Kindle and many other affiliate platforms, including 1tpe and Clickbank. So affiliates will advertise your e-books and earn commissions on each sale made.

To sell them on the above-mentioned platforms, you need to create sales pages that capture the attention of your visitors. This is not an easy task, though; this is where successful people online come in. They use software like click funnels and to show web visitors that their product is of the highest quality.

Online Work # 8: Read Paid Emails

Several e-shops and merchant sites are ready to ask you to respond to their customers by email: it is the reading of paid emails. To find this kind of job, register on platforms like Moolineo, Looney, and Qassam.

Reading paid emails certainly saves less money. But if you combine several platforms, you have a chance to read more emails, and therefore earn more money. Thanks to the reading of paid emails, you will get through your ends of the month without difficulty.

Online work # 9: Become a translator

Are you a polyglot? If so, perfect! You can use your language skills to earn a lot of money translating texts and content. Web translators have the option of working from home. Thus, they are in no way attached to a place and can move as they wish. It’s a great job online for people who want to become a digital nomad.

Online Work # 10: Renting Empty Apartments

If you have empty homes, you can rent them out on the internet. There are platforms like Airbnb that allow you to post photos of your rental properties with descriptive text to attract tenants.

There are several thousand travelers and tourists on Airbnb who might be interested in your post. You are absolutely going to make a lot of money, especially if your accommodations are close to tourist sites.

Online Job # 11: Sell Various Unused Items

We buy a lot of things that we renew over time. When you change your television set, for example, know that you can sell the one you no longer use and earn a little money. There are plenty of platforms where you can sell your second-hand items. LeBonCoin and eBay are two sites where you can sell your unused goods (computers, appliances, etc.).

Online Work # 12: Do Affiliate Marketing

It is a good method to make money on the internet. You will have to promote products and services from merchant sites or other platforms. So every time there is a sale through your advertising efforts, you earn a commission.

Today, many people use this solution to make ends meet. Among other affiliate platforms, we can mention 1tpe and Clickbank. Affiliating with Amazon will also earn you enough pennies.

Online Work # 13: Dropshipping

Dropshipping implies that you are marketing products that you do not have in stock. This means that the products purchased leave your suppliers to land directly with your buyers without your intervention. How does it work?

As a distributor, you have a merchant site through which buyers place their various orders. What’s interesting is that you get paid after every sale and delivery. The famous AliExpress is one of the best suppliers in this category. But there are others on the DropSites platform.

 # 14: Download some mobile applications on your Smartphone

With a simple phone, you can earn money on the internet. How’s it going? You will be required to download and install certain mobile applications on your android phone to perform several paid assignments.

As missions, some apps will ask you to collect data on a company close to your place of residence. This is what some companies do to measure their popularity in the areas where they are present. Two examples of mobile applications that allow this kind of online work? Go to the addresses: and Generally, applications let you choose your missions. Then they pay you according to the type of mission chosen and executed.

# 15: Exchange the credit on your prepaid card for cash

There are specialized sites that allow you to swap the credit available on your prepaid card for cash. PhoneAlchemist and YouPass are two platforms dedicated to this type of solution to earn money on the internet.

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# 16: Sell CV and cover letters

Do you have documents that can serve as models for other Internet users? Indeed, some platforms such as Docs. School and Academy offer you to publish your cover letters and CVs so that you earn money every time someone uploads your documents.

You can also use this solution to sell your end-of-training dissertations, doctoral theses, and many other documents that may be of interest to Internet users.

# 17: Take part in some online video games

If you are passionate about video games, know that you can profit from this passion. The Twitch platform offers you to earn money by playing your favorite games live. To do this, you need to create a Twitch channel with a minimum of subscribers. Since each subscriber will pay to follow your life, you will be paid half of the amount collected.

# 18: online poker game

Like the video games I just mentioned, you can also make money by playing this card game called poker on the internet against other players. If you have the capacity, here are some platforms to play poker: 888poker, Tiger Gaming, PokerStars, and Party Poker.

# 19: sports betting on the internet

Your love of sports can earn you money online. Are you a soccer player like me? Do you like to watch football matches? If so, it means that you have a good knowledge of this sport and that you have chances of winning your bets on certain matches.

There are many sports betting sites that you can register with. We can cite: Winamax, Parions Sport, UniBet, bwin, NetBet, France pari, Usually, these platforms pay you for your registration. This is a welcome bonus that varies from one platform to another: you will earn tens of euros, or even several hundred.

# 20: use the referral system

Sometimes we buy certain products or services at an excellent price-performance ratio. But do you know that you can make money by sharing this good information with other people? Yes, of course. Register on the platform and start by sharing your tips. This will save you a few extra euros.

In the same vein, sharing tips on the platform earns points that can be transformed into vouchers. This is to say that you can earn money by sponsoring your friends and relatives.

Online work: Ideas for investing your money and making money?

If you are passionate about web entrepreneurship, you can go beyond jobbing platforms and create a much more profitable business online. Note that setting up a real internet business requires a little more effort and some financial investment.

# 21: Give online training

Are you an expert or trainer in a field? Do you have the skills to teach a particular subject? If so, this is an opportunity to make some money by initiating online training.

It will be up to you to design your training in PDF or video format that you will sell to Internet users via platforms such as Udemy and You can even create a training space on your site. But it’s important to focus on the quality of the training you offer to attract more clients. To sell your training, you must use software like Clickfunnels ( here you have 14 free days ) or ( here you have 14 free days ).

This software allows you to create sales pages and set up real sales funnels. They also allow you to deliver your training anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

# 22: Create Profitable Blogs To Make Money Online

Creating a blog is a rather restrictive solution to have money. You have to be really patient while your blog starts to generate significant traffic to earn you money.

To have more visitors to your blog, you have to liven it up by posting regular articles. In case you don’t have enough time to write the articles, you could hire one or two web writers to assist you.

As soon as the blog audience gets bigger and bigger, consider monetizing it. Thus, you will earn money by posting advertisements and selling affiliate products on your blog.

# 23: Sell sponsored articles and links

When the audience of your blog or your site increases, you will be asked to publish articles and/or sponsored links for remuneration. Again, this assumes that your blog or site is well managed and visited. Indeed, people, who want to publish articles or sponsored links there are more interested in the traffic you generate.

To make money online by selling sponsored links, you must first and foremost develop the authority of your blog/site. Once this job is done well, you can profit from your online work to earn money. Links can bring in passive and recurring income, while sponsored articles bring in constant income.

# 24: Create a merchant website

Are you a craftsman or owner of a classic boutique? Perfect, you can create an e-commerce site to market your products or crafts. To this end, it will be necessary to invest not only in the design of your site but also in its management.

It is hosting, for example, has a cost that will have to be borne, including the acquisition of a domain name. But platforms like CMS WordPress, woo-commerce, and Prestashop allow you to create your site at a lower cost.

# 25: Create niche sites and monetize them

Here is an online job that can make you rich because it allows you to create digital assets that pay off. Niche sites are a great way to make money online. Just like the commercial site, their creation requires the mobilization of resources.

I advise you to look for niches that interest the general public. These are, in fact, particular themes that interest most Internet users. A niche site is a specialized site, which highlights a specific aspect of a given theme. It is ideal for retaining visitors, so it is easy to monetize.

# 26: host a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is profitable, provided that channel drains significant traffic. To do this, you, as a YouTuber, need to liven up your channel daily by posting interesting videos. This makes it possible to attract more visitors, therefore more money! You will be asked to broadcast advertisements on your YouTube channel in particular.

You can also make money with YouTube by selling your own training even with a small audience. This is the best tip when you choose to use YouTube as an online job for a living. Click here to discover our YouTube channel. You will find tips for making money online.

# 27: Invest in the online stock market

Investments in the stock market are indeed possible on the internet. You can rely on traders who act as a bridge between investors and the stock market. Traders have platforms dedicated to this kind of business. So this is an online job that you can consider if you already have money in your bank accounts.

But be aware that trading remains a risky business because you can run into malicious and scammer traders. So vigilance, vigilance! Think about how to secure your investments in the stock market before committing to it. You may also be faced with leverage and the risk of losing your capital.

Before investing your money in the stock market, it is important to be well informed and educated on how this type of investment works. In particular, it will be necessary to identify the nature of the financial products to be bought and resold on the stock exchange and to define its financial objectives. However, you have the option of going through specialized banks (online) to invest in the stock market and earn money.

# 28: Invest in real estate online

Real estate remains and remains a very profitable sector. When you invest your money in this industry, you are sure to get a return on your investment. I say this knowingly because I myself own it. Rest assured, every month, I collect my rent. Very interesting. You can also invest in rental real estate and earn a lot of money.

If you don’t have enough money for your investment in this sector, you can do Real Estate Crowdfunding. That is to say. There are dedicated platforms that allow you to organize a fundraiser to make your real estate investment project a reality. Since we are talking about a sector with certain returns, repayment of credit will not be a problem for you.

# 29: Invest in life insurance

Life insurance is an investment of money with desirable taxation. If you want to invest in life insurance, sign up with banking platforms like Hello Bank, Boursorama, Fortuneo, and Bink. They give you lots of advantages with practical advice for a successful investment of money. You can also opt for online life insurance companies: there are, for example, Scrivener and Spiriva.

# 30: crowdlending

The word crowdlending means that you lend money to individuals or SMEs online to earn a desirable interest rate. This rate can go up to 20% sometimes. But the lender is advised to consider crowdlending projects to minimize the risk of loss carefully.

As you can see, it is possible to find work online to earn money. Those who don’t know how to make money online now have some ideas to tap into. Tell us in the comments which of these ideas makes you dream.