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Earn money by selling pictures online – 2021 | Part 2

April 11, 2021 8:23 am
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Who bought the pictures online?

So far, I’ve been discussing different types of pictures, but you must be wondering who bought all these pictures. Since there are so many pictures available on Google, why would people buy my pictures online without using them?

High-quality companies and businesses never use other people’s pictures for commercial purposes. Because if you use other people’s pictures, the value of the organization decreases automatically. That’s why high-quality companies buy good quality unique images from online marketplaces and use them for their work.

Moreover, people in developed countries cannot use copyrighted images like in our country because developed countries’ copyright laws are stringent. Simply using a copyrighted image can result in a lot of fines. The way we use different images from Google on blogs and websites, people in developed countries can’t do that. Because if the actual owner of the photo sues the blog or website, a lot of money has to be fined. That’s why people in developed countries buy and use pictures from Google without using them.

How much money can be earned by selling pictures online?

You can earn commission-based money by selling your pictures. This means that you will not get the total price for each picture that will be sold. The website through which you will sell the pictures will keep 60-70% of your picture sales and give you the remaining money.

Each website sells images through different subscription packages. Package prices are determined by the number of daily or monthly photos. Depending on the different marketplaces or websites, 20 to 60 percent of the image sales are paid to the image owner as an honorarium. However, suppose a seller sells a specific picture only on a particular website.

In that case, he can get more respect, and if he sells a particular picture on different websites, the amount of respect can be reduced. Even if the amount of respect is less, if the amount of selling pictures is more, it is possible to earn more from a particular marketplace.

Another interesting thing here is that every time you sell a picture, you get paid. If one of your pictures is sold 100 times, you will be paid for each sale. In this case, if the price of your picture is 5 dollars and the picture is sold 100 times, then if you are given 30%, you can earn five × 30% × 100 = 150 dollars. In this way, if you have thousands of pictures in your profile, you can earn a lot of money per month by photography.

Where to sell pictures?

That is the biggest question. I am a perfect quality photographer. I have a lot of pictures, now where do I sell pictures? Just be patient; we will introduce you to the five most popular marketplaces in the world, where you can sell your pictures and earn money through photography.

Shutterstock – Shutterstock.Com

Shutterstock is the most popular photography marketplace in the world. About 85 million people visit their website every month. Shutterstock has been selling pictures in the digital market for about 15 years. They have about 200 million pictures, video footage and music in stock. They have millions of customers online.

If you are a perfect quality photographer, you can earn an intelligent amount every month by uploading your pictures to this marketplace. According to Shutterstock, they made about ড 500 million-selling pictures online. They usually pay a photo owner 20-30% of the sale price.

Fotolia – Fotolia.Com

Fotolia is a photography site of Adobe Company. They launched the Photo Marketplace in 2019. This website has gained worldwide popularity in a short time due to being a reputed Adobe company. The most exciting thing is that since Fotolia is still new, it is straightforward to upload photos.

About 45 million people visit their website every month. The photos on this website are of excellent quality, and if you can sell the pictures here, you can get a reasonable price. I think in terms of popularity, it will surpass Shutterstock in a short time. So if you want, you can earn money by selling your pictures here.

Getty Images – GettyImages.Com

Getty Images’ pictures are costly. If you can sell pictures by approving your profile here, you can earn a lot of money. They have over 50 million monthly visitors. Nature and emotion-type pictures are usually in high demand on this website. They pay a photo owner a 20% commission on selling the photo. Despite the low commission, due to the picture’s high price, it is possible to earn more money from the gamey image.


Istock Photo is another stock image sharing marketplace. It’s a part of Getty Images. Gezi Image Company manages it. However, it is much easier to approve a profile than a gauge image. In the first case, they will give Anna the option to upload three images. Next, if your photo quality is good, it will allow you to upload and sell unlimited photos. Ordinary iStock photos pay 20-45% commission to the photo owner.


Dreamstime – Dreamstime.Com

Dreamtime is very popular as a photography market. They have over 20 million traffic per month. According to Dreamtime, they sell about 1 million pictures a month. Most of their pictures are sold in Europe and America. Usually, Dreamtime pays the photo owner 30-45% commission on the sale of the photo. Moreover, profile approval is also readily available here.

Dreamstime – Dreamstime.Com

How to Approve Stock Profile?

So far, we know which marketplaces can be used to earn money online by uploading pictures. But that’s not the point; you took pictures with the camera and started earning money by uploading them. To upload photos to any of the top 5 marketplaces, you must first create a free account and get your profile approved.

You must upload a good-quality image to get your profile approved. If your image quality and image pixels are suitable, they will approve your profile. You can upload pictures after approval. They will review each image after you upload it. After reviewing, if the picture is good, the picture will be approved, and if the picture is sold, you can earn money.

Generally, a profile is not approved if the image quality is not good or if there is any copyrighted material in the image. Approving a profile will not be a difficult task for you if you are a good quality photographer. If it is not approved for the first time, they will approve your picture if you upload more good-quality pictures after a while. You can never get your profile approved with a typical picture.

Last words:

If you take a lot of pictures as a photography hobby, you can earn money by selling pictures online from the above marketplaces. If you are a professional photographer, you can earn money by doing photography from different mediums besides online.