DhakaSunday , 10 October 2021
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Despite his reluctance, his body weighed down with age

October 10, 2021 1:38 am
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Tomorrow explains that life does not end here. There are many more ways to go, where there are responsibilities and duties. It is not at all understandable whether it catches the eye or does not remember.

Why is life like this ..? When a person sets foot in his youth, he thinks about getting love in his forehead. And how to make life beautiful in front of everyone. Again, when a little matured, the family’s responsibility falls on his shoulders despite his reluctance. Again, when he is fully engaged in worldly life, he works for his children’s future. This is how the continuity of life continues. And in the end, despite his reluctance to meet again, his body, which has been weighed down with age. Then the only hope is a stick…

When the meaning of life comes to mind, thousands of questions revolve around like bees. Each question came and went like a bee biting the brain with unbearable mental anguish.

That mental anguish at one time turned into sadness. Someone lost this grief and jumped into the battle of life and came back victorious in the guise of a hero. Again, someone is trapped in the magic of despair and ends up being the Ferrari master of silence.

One day the time of life will run out to find the meaning of life. Then the weird question will not come to mind like an invisible bee…

Md. Mosarraf Hossain: Dhaka, Bangladesh.