DhakaWednesday , 4 August 2021
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RAB raid on Porimani’s house

August 4, 2021 11:48 am
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Members of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) are raiding the house of the famous actress Porimani.

The operation started on Wednesday (August 4) afternoon at house No. 12 on Road View 19 / A Road in Porimani Banani. Khandaker Al Moin, director of RAB’s legal and media wing, confirmed the matter to Dhaka Post.

He said that the RAB was conducting a raid on the actress’s house based on specific allegations. Details will be announced at the end of the campaign.

During the operation, around 4.30 pm, Porimani came to the verandah of her house and started calling the journalists on duty to get up. At that time, he went to the veranda of the fifth floor of the building and told the reporters, “Brother, why aren’t you coming upstairs? You are coming upstairs.”

A vehicle of RAB-1 was parked under Porimani’s house at Banani 12 Road. In addition, there are several police vehicles. Police have taken position around Porimani’s house. A few RAB members were seen standing in front of the main gate. There were also some women members of RAB.

It is learned that RAB members are conducting the operation by closing the main gate of Porimani’s house. However, as no senior RAB officer was present at the spot, no details were available about the initial operation. Later, it was learned that the RAB headquarters was conducting the process with the help of RAB-1 members.

Earlier, Porimani complained on Facebook Live that people in ‘different clothes’ came to her house and asked her to open the flat door. But he is afraid to open the door. He sought the cooperation of all concerned for this.

Porimani said life, those people broke the house’s gate and came upstairs and repeatedly rang the calling bell. When asked about their identities, they are claiming to be policemen. However, he could not believe that they were wearing different colored clothes.

In this situation, Porimani contacted Banani police station and said live. There has been talking of sending forces from there. ‘But they haven’t arrived yet,’ the fairy said live.

The fairy commented, ‘That’s why I was scared. I have no security here. I’m so sick. I have not been able to get up properly for three days. ‘At one stage, the actress requested her colleagues, journalists, and acquaintances to go to her house quickly.

Nasir U Ahmed and several others were accused of harassing his girlfriend at a club in the capital last June. He also reported the allegation on Facebook Live. Then the administration took cognizance of it. The accused were later arrested in connection with the fairy case. However, Nasir was released on bail a few days after his arrest.

Source: Dhaka Post.