DhakaFriday , 23 July 2021
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Dhaka is like a ‘ghost town’ in the evening

July 23, 2021 6:11 pm
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On Friday (July 23), the first day of the post-Eid lockdown announced by the government, the presence of vehicles and people in the capital Dhaka was deficient throughout the day. Millions of people have left the village for the Eid holidays, and most of the city dwellers have not left their homes except for emergencies as the day is Friday. As soon as evening fell, the busy capital Dhaka turned into a haunted city. There was a quiet silence on the road.

After the evening, a downpour of rain and wind blows. The number of people and vehicles on the roads has come down to almost zero quotas without reading the Azan of Esha. At that time, ambulances, private cars, motorcycles, and pedal rickshaws were seen speeding on the empty road with occasional sirens. The scene was seen on Friday night while visiting different areas of the capital.

Checkposts sit on different roads throughout the day. At this time, the members of the law enforcement force want to know the reason for going out with the vehicle. However, members of the law enforcement agencies could not be seen at the check post as the number of cars was reduced at night. Rickshaw pullers were seen waiting for passengers at various road junctions, but the number was deficient.

Azizul, a rickshaw puller, said he had been waiting for passengers since the Maghrib prayers. During the Azan of Esha, a passenger gets a fare of 250 rupees from Azimpur to Gabtali. He said many people have gone to the village on Eid. So it goes without saying that there are no people on the road. The rickshaw puller noted that even if they can move in the lockdown, the income will be reduced if they do not get passengers.

A middle-aged man named Hasanuzzaman was seen walking fast in the capital’s science laboratory. He said that he has to walk for an hour regularly due to diabetes. For this reason, even knowing the lockdown, he came out with a mask and hand sanitizer. He commented that it is very nice to walk in the environment of the mechanical city of Dhaka in the lockdown situation.

Source: Jago News 24