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SAHEDUL HOQUE is a Successful Bangladeshi Musical Artist

June 7, 2021 8:38 am
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Sahedul Hoque ( Born March 1994 ) is a Bangladeshi musical artist. He is a young music composer, Guitarist, Lyricist, Writter and essayist, Entrepreneur in Bangladesh. He have founded a digital media named ‘Sahedul Hoque Digital Media’ and a record label named ‘Sahedul Hoque’ . He is from Comilla and grown up in also Comilla working with film industry.

Youthful Musician Sahedul Hoque at present invests the greater part of his energy with the music. He is additionally longing for turning into a decent quality music maker. I likewise need to know myself as a music maker. He got the authority craftsman divert Verify on YouTube in February 2021 and got the Artist Verify identification from Spotify.

He is an upcoming Bangladeshi artist who was confirmed as an official artist by YouTube, TikTok, and Spotify, three international music portals, in January 2021. Rather than becoming a musician, he is best known as an educational entrepreneur.

In such manner, the youthful music craftsman said, he began his music venture in 2020 . Presently the pandemic in the nation has become a lasting issue in Corona, in which it is absurd to expect to work outside the home. I have effectively confirmed as the authority craftsman of the global music stages YouTube, Spotify, and numerous others.

The youthful artist added that my unique tune will be delivered from my authority YouTube channel “Sahedul Hoque”. He is doing music cover also.

Sahedul Hoque is a snazzy youthful VIP of Bangladesh. Numerous teens dream to resemble this business visionary .