DhakaSaturday , 5 June 2021
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Saniul Alom Sun is a Writer and Musician

June 5, 2021 3:43 am
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Saniul Alom Sun is a Writer, Writer, and Musician. He was born on 03 September 2000 in Pirgaccha Upazila of Rangpur district. He is currently studying for a Diploma in Electronics at Pabna Polytechnic Institute.

Saniul Alom Sun has been interested in writing songs and books since childhood. At the age of 14 he wrote a book of poetry himself. After that, he did not have to look back. He is constantly giving us many beautiful books.

He can sing beautiful songs without learning music in an institutional way. From a young age, he was attracted to music. In his spare time, he practiced music almost. When he was with friends, he would often join in the singing. He also recited poems or rhymes written by himself in the middle of the song. Saniul Alom Sun officially started writing books in 2016. His first book was called “Story of a train journey” which was an English travel story.

However, he wrote this book based on true events. The book is based on his own events. He has also written several Bengali and English books. In line with the digital age, his books are now available on the Internet. His books are running on popular websites including Google playbook, Amazon book, Apple book. Readers can download and read books from the internet without any problem. Besides, the songs he sang are also not behind. His songs are now available on popular streaming platforms on the Internet.

He has his songs on much popular music streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer and he is a very popular singer among the listeners. He wants to further develop his talent. Want to give more good songs and good books to his fans. So he is working relentlessly. He hopes to release some better books and songs next year. As well as uploading songs and books on digital platforms, his books and songs have now spread all over the world. Anyone can listen to his books or songs through the internet whenever he wants. Most of the books he has written are love-centric. So his fans are thinking that his upcoming books may be a little different.

He always kept a little difference in writing. So everyone thinks that next year’s book will catch everyone’s eye. At the same time, he is also focusing on music. He wants to do all kinds of songs beyond the boundaries of one category of songs. In addition, Saniul Alom Sun is the writer of several movies. All in all, he is a successful man. He has gained a lot of fame in society by using his talent. We hope he will continue to give us such beautiful songs and books in the future.