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Siam Mehraf’s journey as an actor

June 5, 2021 3:24 am
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Siam Mehraf is a Bangladeshi Author, Musical Artist, Screenwriter, Filmmaker & Novelist. He was born on 26 September 1998 (Barishal, Bangladesh).

Siam Mehraf’s Early Life: He is a Bangladeshi Author, Screenwriter, Film-Maker, and Novelist. He is known for his two books Chotushkon, and Nefertiti.

Siam Mehraf’s Journey As A Writer: When he was a student, he had a hobby of Writing. It’s 18th January of 2015, when he first started the journey as a Writer. He has a lot of attraction to Stories and Novels. As he continues his writings, in late 2017 he realized that his main attraction is Thriller. As a result, he wrote a Thriller titled ‘Chotushkon’.

That was published as a PDF book to serve for free. But later on, he decided to publish ‘Chotushkon’as his first-ever book in Ekushey Boi Mela 2020. The first book of his, ‘Chotushkon’ was successful at the book fair.

In 2020, when the whole world is suffering badly for COVID-19, he decided to write a new book. That book will be totally different from ‘Chotushkon’. And later, he completed his new book, named ‘Nefartiti’. He dedicated all the money from this book to the helpless people who are suffering from the recent circumstances of the world. The type of this book is Psychological Thriller. Now this book is published as a hardcover in the Ekushey Boi Mela 2021.

Chotushkon (2020)

Genre: Chotushkon is a Crime Thriller, Murder Mystery & Detective Fiction.

ISBN 978-984-511-126-3

Nefertiti (2020)

Genre: Nefertiti is a Psychological Thriller, Murder Mystery, Detective Fiction, Romantic Thriller.

ISBN 978-984-511-242-0

Siam Mehraf’s Journey As An Actor, Director & Screenwriter:

Siam Mehraf also creates Video content and Acts in them too. The journey of his Youtube Channel had started for the purpose of his attraction to Acting and Videos. There he always works on his own Scripts. From 2015 he always wanted to do something in acting. But the opportunities came to his life after 4 years.

Since 2019 he is continuously making videos, short films. When he thought about making videos for youtube he realized, he hasn’t had a team which team can edit those short films or videos. So, he learned everything on his own. Wanted to become an Actor, he ended up being Director, Screenwriter, Filmmaker too. He works very hard for his acting career. Though he has many works to do here he never gets tired of this. Because to him, Acting is his main passion.

He also makes solo videos for his personal channel. In his channel, there are lots of voiceovers. He loved to do voiceovers and give some emotions to the words throughout his vocal!

Recently, he announced a web series named ‘Ovinoy’, Written & Directed by Siam Mehraf himself is about to come very soon.

Siam Mehraf’s Popular Short Films :

  • Bohurupi
  • Opurnota
  • Kew Nei
  • Golpo Kotha
  • Only (Upcoming Web Series)

Siam Mehraf’s Music Journey:

Siam Mehraf never wanted to tie himself up for only one work. He tried a lot of things in his lifetime, and always says about doing something new always. After writing two books, which were very popular among the thriller readers & Acting, Directing, Screenplay he came to the Bangladesh Music Industry in 2021.

The music of Siam Mehraf is available on numerous music streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, JioSaavn, Apple Music/iTunes, Deezer, Youtube Music, Pandora, Napster, and so on. Siam Mehraf has already got verified on some leading music streaming platforms among the mentioned. He has already got verified on Google and Youtube as a musical artist.

Basically, he makes instrumentals but also sung two songs named Ondhokar & Kon Abegg. Ondhokar was written and sung by Siam Mehraf himself & Kon Abege is a cover that shows his talent in music too.

Siam Mehraf

Siam Mehraf

Siam Mehraf’s Song & Albums :

  • Kon Abege (Cover 2021)
  • Ondhokar (2021)
  • Retro Emotional Background Score (Intrumental 2021)
  • Piano Instrumental (2021)
  • Funny Instrumental (2021)
  • Sriticaron, Bornohin, Aloron
  • From The Album: Kolorob (Coming on June 15)

Siam Mehraf is doing great in every platform he reaches. At a young age, he did various kinds of works in different types of fields. Representing Bangladesh in the various field at this early age is not an easy task to do, but then again he is doing some great stuff for his country. Now he becomes a great idol among the young generation of Bangladesh, for those who feel hesitant to live their dreams.