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How did Saiful Islam Rishat succeed in life?

May 17, 2021 3:13 pm
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Md. Sayful Islam‘ is a Bangladeshi citizen. He was born in Bangladesh. He grew up in the Mathbaria village of Barisal and studied there. There he lives with his parents and siblings. He lives with his parents and two brothers at Mathbaria in Barisal.

Sayful Islam was born on 2002-01-18. He is the child of his parents. He is currently studying at ‘Safa Degree College.’ He graduated from ‘Mathbaria KM Latif Institution.’ His primary school was in their village. He was very good at education from an early age.

When we asked him about his biography, he told us that he started understanding online in 2015. Although the technology was not so up-to-date, then he could not do anything he wanted. Whenever he had time, he would read books on technology and browse the internet. He told us that laptop computers were not so popular at that time. And it was complicated for him to operate a laptop computer at that time.

Although he could not do much in 2015, he has been a successful online marketer since 2016. In the middle of 2016, he started working with blogging. There was a shortage of people to guide. He used to go on the internet all day and collect various information and work on it. Now he has started blogging and proved himself successful there. As well as the thought of creating a website in his head.

How to create a website? How to make income from a website? What are the requirements for creating a website? All these questions kept running through his head all the time. He started building websites. However, at that time, not everything could be found by searching on the internet. After that, he explored the internet, got various information, and created the first website based on it, “,” from Google’s free platform.

Thus he continues his activities. At one point, he took a course online and is now a successful developer and web designer. This is how his life goes on. He saw success at a very young age in a short time. He told us that he has been able to earn a fair amount of money online every month. He told us that the story of his online life was much more extensive and harder to explain.

He told us that he had very few childhood friends. Those who were were also online friends. There were very few friends on the way to his real life. Because in real life, he didn’t waste time doing these things. The purpose was how to make an income online! How to be successful online! These are how to teach people something online.

In 2020, the trend of thinking about conveying the daily truths to the people had entered his head. This is what happened a few days ago. In 2020, he started the journey of his dream online portal by researching all the content. However, it is socially produced on 2021-01-01. But before making it, he developed it on his own. He creates many websites. The online portal of his dreams is “Patrika71“.

He is currently the editor and administrator of “Patrika71“. He told us that now, his online portal has more than 50 people who collect news every day. He is accompanied by many people, including editors and sub-editors, who are running the online portal of his dream, Ekattar.

Saiful Islam Rishat

Md Sayful Islam

If you want to know about his dream, let us know! He wants to convert this online portal into print in the future. He told us that a person needs money and people’s love to live a good life in the present context, which he has achieved.

He said more! For those who are my age, I mean that you must work hard if you want to do something in life. Success will come to you through hard work. Success is hard to come by. I was a white-collar boy from a middle-class family. My dream since childhood was to know who is online, to see the world, to see the world, and to present it to the people again. Today I was able to do that. I got to tell people a lot about the world.

I want to say one thing to all the friends my age, if you’re going to do something in life, you must work tirelessly. Chatting with friends, finishing the beautiful moments of the afternoon through various games, necessary time should be used for learning something without spending any one bad thing. If you can do something in life now, you may be happy for the rest of your life. How many people will recognize you if you spend the most critical time behind the sport and after it? To be known in front of people, you must do something for people.

If you want to do something for people, you need to know what people want. What do they deserve from you? Throw away what they don’t want from you. Present to them what they want from you. They will see you as a successful person. They will tell their child to learn to live like you.

To be successful in life, people need to understand, understand themselves, refrain from wasting necessary time. Time is not waiting for anyone.