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Why the bandage on Kim’s head?

August 4, 2021 3:23 am
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North Korean leader King Jong Un resumes talks. This time rumours have spread about his health. A recent photo of him in public shows a bandage on the North Korean leader’s head.

The United States-run NK News and South Korea’s top daily Chosun Ilbo, reported that Kim Jong Un, who attended several events from July 24 to 26, had a bandage on his head.

However, the bandage on the back of Kim’s head was no longer seen in a photo released by North Korea’s state media in late July. However, a dark green spot was visible.

However, South Korea’s National Intelligence Agency estimates no unusual signs of Kim Jong Un’s condition. Citing the country’s lawmakers, Yonhap told the media that the coating on the back of Kim’s head had been removed a few days later, and there were no stains on it.

Earlier in June, a different Kim was seen in a picture with the ruling party. The picture shows that he has become quite slim. However, due to illness, or consciously he has lost weight; That could not be confirmed from the report.

Kim’s health is a common topic of speculation. In 2014, he went off the scene for about six weeks. He was then seen walking with a stick in his hand. South Korean intelligence claimed that Kim had undergone surgery to remove a boil from his ankle a few days later.

In March last year, during the spring in North Korea, rumours spread that Kim Jong Un had fallen seriously ill after undergoing heart surgery. Some reports also reported his death. However, after Kim came forward again, an acceptable source said that Kim is giving time to his family by isolating himself in the Corona epidemic.

Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il, died in 2011 of a heart attack. Then Kim Jong Un came to power in North Korea. At that time, the heavy-weight Kim Jong Un drew a lot of attention in the world.

Observers have observed Kim’s health and lifestyle, and Kim Jong Un has struggled with his health.

Last year, officials at South Korea’s National Intelligence Agency said Kim Jong Un weighed 140 kilograms. Since North Korea took power in 2011, it has gained an average of 7-8 pounds a year.

Source: Jugantar.