DhakaSaturday , 24 July 2021
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Collection of 1005 samples of Covid in Gazipur

July 24, 2021 12:58 am
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In Mymensingh’s Gauripur, 19 samples of Covid have been collected so far from 1,005 people. Of these, 269 came positive. One hundred ten of them are in isolation till Friday, July 23. One hundred sixty-four people have been released from isolation. Unfortunately, five people died due to David’s 19 infections.

Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer said. Muhammad Rabiul Islam was confirmed in regular briefings. He also said that in addition to administrative activities to enforce a strict lockdown, a campaign is being launched to make everyone wear masks. David-19 111 people affected in Gauripur municipal area, 59 of them have recovered, and 50 people are undergoing treatment in isolation. Two people died.

On the other hand, 18 people were affected in Moilakanda Union, five people recovered, 11 people were in isolation, 11 people were affected in Gauripur Union, six people were healthy, two people were in isolation, and two people died. In Achintpur Union, 26 people were infected, 15 people recovered, 12 people were treated in isolation, 8 out of 6 people in Maoha Union recovered. 10 people were affected by Sahanati Union, six people healed, and one person was treated in isolation. One died.

Twenty people were infected in Bokainagar Union, 15 people were healed, five people were isolated in Ramgopalpur, 21 people were healthy, three people were isolated, 24 people were affected in Douhakhla, 18 people were healthy, six people were isolated in Vangnamari Union, and now 13 people are healthy in Bhannamari Union. 11 people were infected in Sidhla Union, six were healthy, and five were undergoing treatment in isolation.