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Another 13,000 people died in the world

May 12, 2021 3:00 am
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The Corona epidemic continues to cause infections and deaths around the world. The number of people infected with the virus and death is increasing terribly. In the last 24 hours, about 13,000 people have died of corona around the world. The death toll has reached about 33 lakh 31 thousand.


On the other hand, in the last 24 hours, the number of newly infected patients has exceeded 8 lakh 10 thousand. As a result, the number of people affected by corona worldwide has exceeded 16 crore households. The number of infections and deaths has increased due to the second wave of the virus.

In the last 24 hours, 13,444 people have died of coronavirus around the world, according to the latest data from the website Coronavirus, which tracks deaths and recovery from coronavirus. The death toll has reached 33 lakh 30 thousand 69 people around the world.
Besides, 6 lakh 10 thousand 152 people have been newly infected with the virus in the same period. As a result, the total number of patients infected with the virus has increased to 17 crores 3 lakh 20 thousand 13 people since the beginning of the epidemic.

The United States is the most affected by a coronavirus. So far 3 crores 35 lakh 50 thousand 115 people have been affected by corona in the country and 5 lakh 96 thousand 946 people have died. The Latin American country of Brazil is the third most affected by Corona and the second deadliest. The total number of identified patients in the country is one crore 52 lakh 85 thousand 47 people and 4 lakh 25 thousand 611 people have died.

On the other hand, neighboring India is in the second position in the list of those affected by corona. However, the country ranks fourth in the list of deaths due to the virus. A total of 2 crores 33 lakh 40 thousand 458 people were affected in the country and 2 lakh 54 thousand 225 people died.

So far, 57 lakh 160 people in France, 48 lakh 98 thousand 742 people in Russia, 44 lakh 39 thousand 791 people in the UK, 41 lakh 23 thousand 230 people in Italy, 50 lakh 59 thousand 433 people in Turkey, 35 lakh 6 thousand 333 people in Spain and Germany. 35 lakh 44 thousand 315 people and 23 lakh 8 thousand 496 people in Mexico have been affected by corona.

On the other hand, one lakh 8 thousand 935 people have been infected with a corona in France, one lakh 13 thousand 97 people in Russia, one lakh 26 thousand 629 people in the UK, one lakh 23 thousand 272 people in Italy, 43 thousand 579 people in Turkey and 69 thousand 100 people in Spain. In Germany, 65,656 people died and in Mexico, 2,19,069 people died.

Note that in December 2019, the first coronavirus patient was identified in Wuhan, China. Then on March 11 last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Corona a ‘global epidemic’. Earlier, on January 20 of the same year, the agency declared a state of emergency around the world.