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Make 10-20 thousand rupees per month by doing small work with mobile

April 6, 2021 4:27 pm
Link Copied!


Everyone from every position but always wants to earn money. Because in all cases but the need for money is much more. But now, if you have a smartphone, then you can earn money by doing small things. By doing these small things, you will be able to learn more and earn more.

We will work to fulfill some small tasks with mobile. For example, like, comment, app download, website visit, youtube video watch, youtube channel subscribe, photo edit, video edit, etc. You can do it very quickly. These jobs are a lot like freelancing.

The name we will work on the website is Anylancer; it is basically a freelancing site, where we can earn income by doing small part-time work with mobile. One question that is on everyone’s mind is how to make money. If you are wondering how to make money without working, I will first tell you how much money you can take payment.

Here you can take payment through bKash or cash when your balance is five ।. And it will not take you much time to make five if you are proficient. Will be given.

How does Anylancer work on the site?

Here you can do different things. For example:

  • Like on the Facebook page
  • Join the Facebook group
  • Follow Facebook ID
  • Follow Instagram ID
  • Website visit
  • Download the application
  • YouTube video sharing
  • YouTube Video Watch
  • Subscribe to the YouTube channel
  • App reviews and ratings
  • Photo edit
  • Video edit
  • Etc.

First, you can open an account by going to this link Anylancer. Then you will get a signup bonus. Click on Job, and you will see Job. Job means you can see the above jobs by submitting a screenshot as proof. By reviewing it in 5 minutes to a maximum of 2 days or three days.

Of course, you have to give a screenshot, or you will not get paid.

Here you can offer yourself if you want; for example, you can take 5 $ to 15 for editing a picture. If you order from someone, you can make money by editing the picture.

Then here, you can earn income by referral. You will get 0.10 প্র per referral, which is about 10 rupees.

For those students, this website is best for earning income by doing small things with mobile.

When you think of payment proof, it can be said that the website has been paying for the last few years. So you need to think about payment. You can search the internet to see.

This was in today’s episode. All the best, see you in the following article. Thanks.