DhakaTuesday , 11 May 2021
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The detained buses were released for humanitarian reasons

May 11, 2021 1:40 pm
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Traffic has returned to normal on the Sirajganj section of the Dhaka-North Bengal Highway. Talking to the higher authorities, Sirajganj Traffic Inspector (TI) Mohammad confirmed to “Patrika 71” that the traffic was normal after the long-distance buses were released due to humanitarian reasons. Abdul Gani.

Due to the obstruction of long-distance buses as per government instructions, traffic jam was created in the area of ​​about 10 km from noon on Saturday (May 6) from the western end of Bangubandhu Bridge on the Dhaka-North Bengal Highway to Nalka Junction in Sirajganj.

Traffic Inspector (TI) said at 8:15 pm. Abdul Gani said long-distance buses were stopped in Sirajganj when they tried to run on the highway under the ban. Many people went to the toll plaza and got stuck. Many of them were stuck here for two days. After talking to the authorities, the long-distance buses were released for humanitarian reasons and the traffic on the highway became normal.

However, after today, no long-distance bus will be released in any way, said the traffic police official.

It is to be noted that the buses were stopped as per the government instructions when they tried to run long distance buses on the highway. Bus toll collection was also stopped. This caused long queues of private vehicles as well as trucks and traffic jams on the Dhaka-North Bengal Highway from noon to evening on Saturday in an area of ​​about 10 km from Bangabandhu Bridge West Roundabout in Sirajganj to Nalka area.

However, no long-distance bus was seen anywhere else on the highway except the Bangabandhu Bridge on the west side of the highway. But the long-distance buses coming from both the sides were stopped in Kadda and Hatikumrul areas in the morning and the bus workers started agitation. Attempts were later made to send them back. However, some buses were abandoned for humanitarian reasons. Besides those buses, all the vehicles were stuck at that time causing traffic jam.