DhakaTuesday , 11 May 2021
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This time Mukti Bandhan is giving free Eid clothes

May 11, 2021 1:37 pm
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The buyers of the market are all helpless, jobless people of the society. Where there are children to the elderly. One by one they are coming and taking their favorite new clothes and Eid items. However, they do not have to pay any money for these things.

An exceptional organization called ‘Muktiar Bandhan Foundation’ has organized an exceptional event to spread the joy of Eid among the helpless.

The two-day Eid free haat at Atharobari in Ishwarganj upazila of Mymensingh started on Monday (May 10). On the first day, the hat was inaugurated by the National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam University Vice-Chancellor Prof. AHM Mostafizur Rahman.

During the inauguration, he said, such events are very rare in remote areas ahead of Eid. I have never seen such an arrangement before. I am also proud to inaugurate this great event. My expectation is that the organization will move forward from the side of helpless people. Mymensingh Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Enamul Haque inaugurated the last day market at noon on Tuesday (May 11).

At that time, he said, the organization has been standing by the side of the victims in Corona for a long time with many free products. Of course a human example they have set. If every organization and wealthy people come forward; Then the victims of Corona do not have to suffer.

It has been seen that there is a medical booth at the beginning of the market. Where everyone is being inserted by measuring the temperature in a thermometer and spraying hand sanitizer. After that, stalls of various Eid items have been arranged at a distance of three feet in accordance with the hygiene rules. Pants, shirts, frogs, bangles, cosmetics for children in the class based stalls. Sari, lungi, semai and sugar have been kept for distressed men and women.

Beneficiaries are happy to get these items for free ahead of Eid. A rickshaw puller by the name of Sulaiman Hossain said, “Every day that Teha Kamai, Hei Teha, Chail-Dial Kiinnai is lost.” Kinna Dimu wearing Eid clothes in Polapan, hey, I can’t afford to play. At this market I got a lot of things for free. On Ahna Eid, I could eat with my wife Polapan and I could also wear clothes. Those who gave hey fathers are very big.

Anik Kumar Nandi, program organizer of Mukti Bandhan Foundation, told the Dhaka Post that there are vulnerable and helpless people in Corona who cannot afford to buy Eid items and new clothes. This is our small attempt to make them smile and spread the joy of Eid.

“We could go door to door and distribute these,” he said. But the reason for setting up the market is how to shop according to the hygiene rules; To show it. At this time in Corona, we want everyone in the country to follow the hygiene rules in this way.

Azharul Islam Palash, program coordinator of Free Hat, said that Free Hat has been set up with the help of donations from the members of the organization and financial support from the able people. In two days from the market, we are giving new clothes and Eid items to one thousand people. Besides, after the Eid moon rises, the members of our organization will secretly deliver Eid items to the houses of some middle class families.

Earlier in the month of Ramadan, Mukti Bandhan Foundation provided daily necessities including fish and vegetables to about 2,000 unemployed people through weekly haats. This humanitarian work has been widely praised across the country.